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Fun with Forms: Celebrate Form Submissions with a Confetti Shower

Fun with Forms - Celebrate Form Submissions with a Confetti Shower

Let’s be honest, submitting a form on a website can be as dry as overcooked turkey. But what if I told you that with the right sprinkle of magic, you could make that experience as exciting as the countdown on New Year’s Eve? Enter the WPSunshine’s Confetti WordPress Plugin, a delightful little invention designed to make your website’s interactions as fun as a surprise party!

What’s This Confetti Magic?

The Confetti plugin by WPSunshine is the digital equivalent of throwing a high-five into the air. It showers your screen with a burst of colorful confetti when a visitor submits a form on your WordPress site. Think of it as a mini celebration for every micro-action on your website!

Try out some of the magic by clicking a button below!

Why Integrate Confetti with WS Form?

WS Form is known for being a robust and developer-friendly form plugin for WordPress. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of form builders – powerful, precise, and ready for action. But even the most utilitarian tools need a bit of pizzazz, right?

Integrating Confetti with WS Form doesn’t just sprinkle charm on your website; it enhances user experience, rewards your visitors for interacting, and quite literally adds a pop of color to a completed task. It’s the perfect way to say, “Congratulations! You did the thing!”

Let’s Get the Party Started: Integrating Confetti with WS Form

Integrating the Confetti plugin with WS Form is like inviting your two best friends to the same party – they just bring out the best in each other! Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Installation Jubilee

First, you need to install the Confetti plugin. Grab yourself the premium version of Confetti plugin. Then it’s as simple as going to your WordPress dashboard, heading over to the ‘Plugins’ section, and clicking ‘Add New’, then ‘Upload Plugins’. Choose the plugin zip file provided by Confetti, hit ‘Install’, and then ‘Activate’. Voilà, the confetti cannons are loaded!

2. WS Form – The Guest of Honor

Now, if you haven’t already, install WS Form PRO. It’s a similar process: ‘Add New’ plugin, install and activate. With both plugins now installed, your website is gearing up for a celebration.

3. The Setup Soiree

After installation, you’ll need to create a form with WS Form if you haven’t done so already. Whether it’s a contact form, a survey, or a sign-up sheet, build it to suit your needs. Once the form is crafted to perfection, it’s time to integrate the confetti.

4. Triggering the Festivities

Within the settings of your WS Form, look for the ‘Actions’ tab. This is where the magic happens. Add a new action and select the trigger for the confetti to burst when the form is submitted. This action is the secret handshake between WS Form and Confetti, telling them when to start the celebration.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. When editing your form, click the Actions icon at the top of the page. The Actions sidebar will open on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Click the Add  icon to add a new action.
  3. Choose the Confetti action.
  4. Click Save & Close.
  5. Publish your form.

Adding the Confetti action to your form.

5. Customize Your Confetti Cannon

Now for the fun part: customization! WPSunshine’s Confetti plugin lets you choose the shape, color, and intensity of your confetti. Want to match your brand colors? Easy-peasy. Fancy a mix of stars, circles, and squares? You got it. You can even decide how long you want the confetti to rain down. It’s your party, after all!

Change your Confetti settings.

6. The Launch Party

With everything set up, it’s time to take your form for a test drive. Fill it out, hit submit, and watch as your screen bursts into a jubilant display of confetti. It’s like your website is throwing a mini fiesta every time someone completes a form!

Why Stop at Confetti?

The integration of Confetti with WS Form doesn’t just have to be a visual treat. You can extend this celebratory gesture by setting up email confirmations, redirecting to a special thank you page, or even triggering a discount code reveal. The possibilities for celebration are endless!

Celebrate Each Click

By adding this touch of whimsy to your forms, you’re doing more than just dazzling your visitors with a pretty effect. You’re creating a memorable, positive experience that they’re likely to remember and talk about. And in the world of endless online interactions, those little moments of joy are what set you apart.

So there you have it, a festive way to spruce up your website and delight your visitors. WPSunshine’s Confetti plugin and WS Form are ready to turn every form submission into a tiny celebration. Now go ahead, give your users something to celebrate and make every click a confetti-worthy moment!

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