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Why You Should Never Use Nulled WordPress Plugins

Why You Should Never Use Nulled WordPress Plugins

If you’ve come across a website that offers plugins at dramatically reduced prices or even offers it for free, then it is highly likely you’ve stumbled across a nulled copy of that plugin.

What are Nulled WordPress Plugins?

Nulled WordPress plugins are copies of paid software that have been hacked to allow you to use them without a valid license. These plugins are often sold for a greatly discounted rate or a cheap subscription without mention that they are illegitimate copies.

Websites to Avoid

Websites that we strongly recommend you avoid include:

  • Babiato
  • Festinger Vault

These websites contain software that has been manipulated to circumvent our licensing mechanisms and, in many cases, the software contains malware that can damage your website, steal your identity or worse.

What Problems Does Nulled Software Cause?

Compromised Security

Nulled software can negatively impact the security of your website. The software you are downloading can result in the backdoors being added to your website and your security compromised, often without you being aware that this has happened at all.

Compromised Privacy

In addition to opening up backdoors to your website, nulled software can result in your sensitive data being accessed including your users login and personal data.

No Support or Updates

When you purchase a license for a WordPress plugin you are paying for support and software updates for that plugin. Nulled software comes with support and no updates. This means that important security updates will not be available to you, nor will the ability to ask questions about the software. You’ll also be excluded from community features such as forums.

Dated Software

Nulled websites often rely on forums such as Babiato to source their stolen software, rather than purchasing the software in the first place and keeping it up to date. Therefore the nulled plugin you are using is typically very out-of-date and therefore featureless and will not contain the bug fixes present in the most recent versions of the software.

It’s Theft

WordPress developers rely on license fees to continue the development and support of great WordPress products. By using nulled versions of their software you are stealing from those developers and you are failing to support their hard work and efforts.

But, I Want to Try Before I Buy

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