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Publishing Forms

Forms behave much like regular WordPress posts and have two states: Draft and Published. When you create a new form, it will be in a Draft state. This means that it cannot be seen by anyone on your website. Website visitors can only see your form when it is published.


To view your form click the Preview Preview button at the top of the page. WS Form will then show you how your form will look on your website. You can click the Preview button when the form is in Draft or Publish states.


When you are ready to publish your form and make it live, click the  Publish button. The Publish button will highlight blue whenever you are able to publish any recent changes to your form.

Once a form is published, WS Form creates a snapshot of your form at that moment. That snapshot is then used for the live view of your form on your website. Any subsequent changes to your form will not be available publicly until you press the Publish button again. This means you can conveniently edit your form without affecting the live version of your form.

When you preview your form, WS Form will always show your form with your most recent edits, regardless of whether you have clicked Publish or not. This enables you to test your changes as you build your form without affecting your live form.