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Fun with Forms: Mad Libs Style

Fun With Forms - Mad Lib Styles

At WS Form, we share a lot about how forms help collect information, complete calls to action, make sales, and more. But what about some good old-fashioned fun? What about creating a form where the only outcome is a smile, a laugh, and maybe sharing it with a friend?

WS Form can help with that, too!

What Are Mad Libs?

Many of us have experienced “Mad Libs” in written form.

When playing with Mad Libs, one person has a story with guided blanks (asking for a noun or an adjective, perhaps) and that person asks another person to fill in the blanks without knowing the context. As kids, when asking for those parts of speech (and knowing the context) we often giggled before we even revealed the final story to our friend.

As adults we do, too.

Mad Libs have made a comeback (did they ever really leave?) with Jimmy Fallon and celebrities on his television program, as seen in this sketch with Natalie Portman.

As you can see, Mad Libs have the potential to make you smile at the least, and laugh out loud at best…depending on the answers your partner supplies.

WS Form for Mad Libs

We usually show you the serious side of forms, but with enough seriousness in the world we recognized a need to share with you the fun side of forms.

We know what you’re thinking. Forms are function, not fun. But WS Form puts the “fun” in “function.”

Take a few moments to complete the form below. Click ‘See Results’ at the bottom, and then read the hilarious story that comes from your word choices.

You can also download this form by clicking ‘Download Demo’ if you want to use this form on your own website.


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