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Add a Legal Disclaimer to WordPress Forms Using Termageddon

Add a Legal Disclaimer to WordPress Forms Using Termageddon

Every business website needs legal disclaimers and policies to protect themselves from fines and lawsuits. Unfortunately, legal disclaimers and policies can be difficult to create. They require current knowledge of laws and the knowledge of what to write. Fortunately, you don’t have to write them, or even update them, when you integrate WS Form with a policy service called Termageddon. In this post, we’ll see how to add a Termageddon legal disclaimer to a WordPress form created with WS Form using the Legal field.

What is Termageddon?


Termageddon is a third-party service providing policies that update automatically as the laws change. Create privacy policies, terms of service, and lots more, and you never need to update them. The policies integrate with your WordPress website and in the Legal field of WS Form.

Adding Termageddon to WS Form

Fortunately, adding a policy to WS Form is a simple process. We’ll go through all the steps to create and add a Termageddon policy to any WS Form.

Create a Termageddon Account

First, you’ll need to create a Termageddon account. Go to their website, select to create an account, and answer the questions.


Add a Global License

Once you’ve created your Termageddon account, you’ll need to assign the license and create a policy. Go to your Termageddon dashboard and select Assign License.

Global License

Next, enter any name you want for the license. This can be your company name or something that makes sense to you. No one else will see this name, so you won’t have to put too much thought into it. Choose to start from scratch and click Assign License.

Global License

Once the license is assigned, you’ll return to the dashboard where you’ll see the license in the list. Select Continue Setup to set up the global license. This will allow you to create the policy.

Global License

Answer the global license questions and save the form. It will return you to the dashboard where you can create the policy.

Global License

Create a Policy

You can now create the policy that you’ll use in your WS Form. Select the large button labeled Add Policy.

Create a Policy

Choose the type of policy you want to create. Options include:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • EULA
  • Disclaimer

For this example, I’m choosing to create a disclaimer. The policy itself works the same with your WS Form, so choose any type of policy you want.

Create a Policy

You’ll see a form where you can edit the policy details. Choose the types of information you want to include in your policy. You won’t have to write any of this information or even have legal knowledge about this information. Step through the form and answer all of the questions and make all of the selections you want to include. The form is only a few small pages with a few simple selections. Once you’ve finished stepping through the form, Termageddon creates the policy based on your selections.

Create a Policy

Embed the Termageddon Code into a WS Form Legal Field

Once you save the policy, it will take you to the View Embedded Code tab and you’ll be able to use the policy within WS Form. Look at the code and find the data policy key. Copy the key within the quotations and go to your website.

Embed Termageddon Code

Next, create or edit a form and add a Legal field. The legal disclaimer works with any type of form. I’m using a contest entry form in my example.

Finally, select the gear icon on the Legal field and paste the Termageddon key into the key field in the right sidebar. If the Termageddon field isn’t already visible, select it in the Source dropdown box. Choose to show or hide the title and enter help text into the bottom field if you want to use it. I’ve also set the field as required, so readers will have to read and acknowledge the policy before submitting the form. Save and publish the form and it will now show the Termageddon legal disclaimer. Your WS Form now has an automatic updating legal disclaimer that you didn’t have to write.

If you do want to use your own legal copy, select Own Copy in the Source dropdown box. Then, add your legal disclaimer in the content editor. This is a standard editor complete with text, code, and media options. This copy will replace the content added by Termageddon. I recommend using the policy provided by Termageddon, but it is easy to override it if you need to.

Termageddon Legal Disclaimer Results

Here’s how the Termageddon disclaimer looks on the front end. The user can scroll through the text to read it. In this example, I didn’t hide the title (Disclaimer) or add help text. The disclaimer is set to required, so visitors must read it before submitting the form. As you can see in this image, if someone clicks to submit the form before reading the disclaimer, they’ll see a message to read the entire legal agreement. Also, I didn’t have to research or write any of the legal information. And, I don’t have to change anything if the laws change. Termageddon updates the legal disclaimer automatically.

Once they’ve scrolled through and read the legal agreement, the message goes away, and they can submit the form.

In this example, I’ve selected to hide the title and added an example for help text. The text does not include the large title (the word Disclaimer) at the top of the policy field. The help text is the small text under the field.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at how to add a Termageddon legal disclaimer to WS Form. Creating and adding a legal disclaimer to your WS Forms is as simple as a few clicks. The best part is you never have to write them yourself, so there’s no chance of getting it wrong. Also, your policies update automatically if the laws change, so you’ll never have to worry about your policies being correct or up to date. Of course, you can add your own text to the disclaimer if you prefer. Making the field required ensures some effort on the reader’s part to view the policy before submitting the form.

As we’ve seen in this post, adding policies and disclaimers with Termageddon is simple and it’s a great way to protect your website from legal problems.

We want to hear from you. Do you use Termageddon with your WS Form legal fields? Let us know in the comments.

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