Conditional LogicPRO

Conditional Logic provides a way for you to create dynamic forms that change according to the way a user interacts with your form.


An example of conditional logic might be that you might want to show a particular field or block of text if a checkbox field is checked. Or you might want to show a warning if a range slider is greater than 50%. The possibilities are endless.

Other examples:

  • Automatically save the form progress when a Next tab button is clicked
  • Show shipping address fields is a Use separate shipping address checkbox is checked
  • Make the form turn green all required fields are complete and the form validates
  • Show an Almost there! message when a progress bar is equal to or great than 75%
  • Fire an email action if a user clicks a button
  • Push partial form completions to an email marketing connector such as Constant Contact or MailChimp
  • Show additional form fields if the hue of a color field exceeds a certain value
  • Fire JavaScript when a field is clicked on or changed

Adding Conditional Logic

To add conditional logic to your form:

  1. Click the Conditional Logic icon at the top of the layout editor. The Conditional Logic sidebar will open.
  2. Click the Add icon.

WS Form PRO - Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic and the Debug Console

The debug console logs all conditional logic activity in the Log tab.