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Using Forms to Increase Blog Engagement

Using Forms to Increase Blog Engagement

Whether your website is an e-commerce site, brochure site, or niche blog – posting blog content keeps your site fresh and interesting. Inviting your readers to interact with you is one strategy to involve readers and drive engagement.

Commenting on a blog post can sometimes feel daunting to a casual site visitor, but giving readers a way to leave feedback and input quickly makes it easier for them to participate. This is where forms come in.

You can use forms to help increase engagement with your site and inform your strategy for future content.

Recently, Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress put out his birthday wish to the WordPress community and that is: Blog More.

In the spirit of Matt’s birthday, not only do we present this WordPress post, but also set out some ideas of how WS Form can help you blog, too.

Simple Question and Answer

Use a one question form to ask a question about the topic of your post and get quick and easy answers from readers. Place it in a block on your post and ask for feedback for use in a future post.

Using Forms to Increase Blog Engagement

Poll Your Audience for Results

Everyone likes to give their opinions – especially anonymously and quickly. Creating a quick radio-button poll allows your readers to give you fast feedback. This gives them the satisfaction of having expressed an opinion, and gives you information to write about in the future.

Using Forms to Increase Blog Engagement

Gather More Nuanced Information

If you’d like to see more nuanced details, then create a form that allows for more than one selection. Use a checkbox system to allow multiple options, and even limit the number your readers can select. This will allow for different data for future blog posts.

Using Forms to Increase Blog Engagement

Gather Anonymized Reader Data

Looking for more info on your reader demographics? Ask them! Create a quick 3- or 4-question form that can help you better understand your audience.

Using Forms to Increase Blog Engagement

Support Your Blog

If your readers love your content, give them a way to show appreciation. Create a tip jar with a form and a way to collect payment.

Using Forms to Increase Blog Engagement

Blog With Engagement

Whatever you write about, inviting reader feedback through a quick and easy form is a simple way to increase engagement while compiling information for future posts. And giving your readers a direct opportunity to support your blog is another way for them to feel a part of your journey.

And have a happy birthday, Matt!

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