Data Export Request

GDPR requires you provide users with a method of requesting their data from your records. WordPress has a Data Export Request feature that is seamlessly integrated with WS Form.

To create a data export request form:

  1. Click Add New from the WS Form administration menu.
  2. Click the GDPR tab at the top.
  3. Click the Data Export Request template.
  4. Click Publish when the form is created.
  5. Add the form to your website.

For more information about GDPR, click here.

Manually Creating a Data Export Request Form

You can also manually create a Data Export Request form. You will need a form that has an Email field on it. To do this:

  1. When editing your form, click the Actions icon at the top of the page. The Actions sidebar will open on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Click the Add  icon to add a new action.
  3. Select Data Export Request from the Action pulldown.
  4. Select the Email field on your form for the Email Field setting.
  5. Click Save at the bottom.