Adding Forms to Your Website

There are various ways to add a form to your website.

WS Form Button

When editing a post or any other post type that uses the regular WordPress visualĀ editor, you can use the ‘Add WS Form’ button. Simply click the button, select the form you wish to insert into your content, and then click the ‘Insert WS Form’ button. This will automatically add a shortcode into your content.


If your theme allows widgets to be added to areas of your website, you can add the WS Form widget.

For more information about adding a widget to your website theme, click here.

PHP Code

To add a form in your PHP code, you can use the following code:

<?php do_shortcode('[ws_form id="123"]'); ?>

… where ‘123’ is equal to your form ID.

Page Block

Newer versions of WordPress have a visual editor that uses blocks to define page elements. The new editor is known as Gutenberg Editor.

To add a form using the new WordPress editor, click the ‘Add Block’ icon. Next select the ‘WS Form’ block from the ‘Common Blocks’ category.

WS Form PRO - Gutenberg Editor Page Block

Select the form you want to use for that block and then click the editor’s ‘Update’ button.