Adding Fields

All of the available field types can be found in the toolbox sidebar. The toolbox sidebar is shown on the right of the page when you first start to edit a form, or it can be accessed at any time by clicking the toolbox icon in the main toolbar.

To add a field to your form, simply click and drag a field from the toolbox to a section of your form. As you drag the field across to a section, you will notice the field changes into a box and placeholders will appear showing you where you can drop the field. You can place a field at any point in a section.

Once you have dropped the field into the form, you can immediately start typing a label for it. To save the field label, you can either type Enter or click somewhere on the page away from the field.

The Anatomy of a Field

WS Form PRO - The Anatomy of a Field

Cloning Fields

To clone a field:

  1. Click the field settings icon
  2. Click the clone  icon

A cloned version of the field will then appear. It will inherit the width, offset, and settings of the field you cloned.

Deleting Fields

To delete a field:

  1. Click the field settings icon
  2. Click the delete  icon

The field will then be deleted. If you delete a field in error, you can always click the undo  icon or use the undo tool in the toolbox on the right-hand side of the page.

Moving Fields

You can move a field around the form by clicking and dragging the field to a new position within the same section or a different section.

You can also move fields between tabs. Click and drag the field over a tab. Then simply drag the field into a section of the tab you selected.

Resizing Fields

You can resize fields to be 1-12 columns wide by clicking the resize icon on the right side of a field.

For developers it is possible to adjust the number of columns used from the main Settings page under the Advanced menu. Click here to learn more.

Offsetting Fields

Offsetting a field will move it inward from the left side of the screen. This is useful if you want to right align or center a field in a form.

You can offset fields by 1-11 columns wide by clicking the offset  icon on the left side of a field.

Note that fields that are as wide as the form itself cannot be offset.

Changing Field Settings

To access the field settings, click the field settings icon. The field settings toolbar will then appear on the right of the page.

Most field settings are split into Basic and Advanced. The basic tab allows you to change all of the key features you are likely to need on a simple form. The advanced tab provides greater control over the field.

Field settings specific to each field  can be found by clicking on a field type on our Field Type page.

Renaming Field Labels

To rename the label of a field, you have two options:

  1. You can double click the label of the field, enter a new field, and then type Enter or click somewhere on the page away from the field.
  2. Click the field settings icon to open the field settings toolbar. Change the label at the top of the toolbar and then click the Save button at the bottom of the toolbar.