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How to Fix Zapier Not Retrieving Submissions

This article outlines solutions to some common reasons Zapier may be unable to retrieve form submissions from your website.

Incorrect API Credentials

Ensure that the API is properly configured and that Zapier is using the correct API key. The Zapier Add-On knowledge base article explains how to correctly configure Zapier to connect to WS Form. Ensure the API URL and API Key are entered correctly.

Blocked or Cached WordPress REST API Requests

In order for the Zapier requests to work, the WordPress REST API must be enabled, accessible and not cached. Requests to the WS Form Zapier add-on begin with:


Ensure that any requests including this path are whitelisted from any blocking or caching set up on your website. Check security plugins as well as restrictions imposed at a hosting level.

Free Tier Zapier Accounts

If you are using a free tier account, Zapier may throttle the rate at which new submissions are handled. This can mean there is a delay from the moment the submissions occurs to when Zapier processes that data. Upgrading to a paid tier will reduce any imposed throttling.

Diagnosing Connection Problems

If you’re experiencing issues, it’s helpful to check the Zapier task history for error messages, which can provide more detailed insights into what might be going wrong.