Sample CSV Files for Data Grids

Below are some sample CSV files that you can use with your form, such as country and state lists.

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WS Form PRO - Data Grids

You can import these sample CSV files into your field data grid in one of two ways:

Data Source

You can also use the data source feature of a data grid to quickly and easily import the samples CSV files below. Learn more.

CSV Import

You can import any CSV file into a data grid. To import a CSV file, either click the Import icon or drag a CSV file into the data grid area. When you drag the file into the data grid area, a blue box will appear with a dashed outline. Release the file into that area, and the CSV import will begin.

Note that when you import a file, all data in that data grid will be replaced with the CSV you import.

Sample CSV Files


industry.csvA list containing industry names.
industry_sic.csvA list of condensed SIC industry codes and industry names.


color_srgb.csvA list containing sRGB color names including HEX and RGB formats.
color_web_safe.csvA list of all 216 Web Safe colors in both HEX and RGB formats.
color_x11.csvA list containing X11 color names including HEX and RGB formats.

Date / Time

day.csvA list containing the days of the week.
month.csvA list of months including the name as well as its abbreviation.
time.csvA list containing times in 15 minute intervals.
year.csvA list of years starting with 2020 and ending with 1920.


currency.csvA list of currencies containing codes, symbols, and names.
size.csvA list containing a range of sizes from extra small to extra large.


continent.csvA list of continents.
county_uk.csvA list of UK counties with corresponding countries.
country.csvA two-column CSV file containing country names and two character codes.
country_full.csvA multi-column CSV file containing country names, codes, and regions.
province_ca.csvA list of Canadian provinces including the full province name as well as its two-letter abbreviation.
state_au.csvA list of Australian states including the full state name as well as its abbreviation.
state_us.csvA list of US states including the full state name as well as its two-letter abbreviation.


age.csvA list containing suggest age brackets from under 18 to 65 or above.
education.csvA list containing different levels of education from high school to degree.
employment_status.csvA list of employment statuses from student to full-time employee.
job_status.csvA list of different job statuses from seasonal to full-time.
marital_status.csvA list of different marital statuses.


agreement.csvA list containing levels of agreement, from strongly disagree to strongly agree.
comparison.csvA list of comparisons from much worse to much better.
duration.csvA list containing a range of durations from less than a month to over three years and never.
frequency.csvA list containing frequencies from less than once a month to daily.
importance.csvA list containing levels of importance, from not at all important to very important.
probability.csvA list of probabilities from definitely not to definitely.
satisfaction.csvA list of different satisfaction levels from very unsatisfied to very satisfied.