Sample CSV Files for Data Grids

You can import any CSV file into a data grid. This is useful for importing data, such as a country or state list.

To import a CSV file, either click the Import icon or drag a CSV file into the data grid area. When you drag the file into the data grid area, a blue box will appear with a dashed outline. Release the file into that area, and the CSV import will begin.

Note that when you import a file, all data in that data grid will be replaced with the CSV you import.

Below are some sample CSV files for some common data grid uses.

File Description
country.csv A two-column CSV file containing country names and two character codes.
country_full.csv A multi-column CSV file containing country names, codes, and regions.
states_us.csv A list of US states including the full state name. as well as its two-letter abbreviation.
provinces_ca.csv A list of Canadian provinces including the full province name. as well as its two-letter abbreviation.