Undo Tool

WS Form features a multi-step undo tool. As you build a form, your edit history is retained so that you can go back to any step in your building process. The undo feature can be accessed in one of two ways:

Undo / Redo Icons

At the top of the page in the main toolbar, you will find undo and redo icons.

When you have made a change to your form, the undo icon will appear. Click the undo icon to undo the last change you made. You can continue to click the undo icon to step back through the history of your form build.

When you click the undo icon, the redo icon will highlight. Click the redo icon to redo the last change you made. You can continue to click the redo icon until no more steps are available.

Undo History

The undo history can be found in the ‘Undo’ tab of the toolbox sidebar. The toolbox sidebar is shown on the right side of the page when you first start to edit a form, or it can be accessed at any time by clicking the toolbox icon in the main toolbar. The undo tab can be found at the top of the toolbox sidebar.

WS Form PRO - Undo

Every time you make a change to your form, an entry is made in the undo history.

By hovering over the history steps, you can see a preview of what the form looked like at that moment. If you click on a step, the form will revert to that step. Any changes made thereafter will result in any history regarding that step being replaced with your new changes.

Note that when you leave the form edit screen, the history is set back to empty again.