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Allow Users to Add Custom Terms to PostsPRO

You can use the Post Management add-on to add or update posts in WordPress. When a post is added or updated you can also specify which terms a post is assigned to. It is also possible to add additional terms to a taxonomy if they don’t exist by using a select field that has the Enable Tagging setting checked.

By enabling tagging, any term not found in the options of a select field will be added as a new option and submitted with the form. If that select field is then mapped to a taxonomy, the new term will be added.

Let’s create a select field and configure it to enable tagging:

  1. Add a select field to your form.
  2. Edit the select field and In the Basic tab and check the following settings:
    1. Multiple
    2. Select2
    3. Enable Tagging
  3. Click on the Options tab and configure it as follows:
    1. Data Source: Terms
    2. Filter By Taxonony: Choose the taxonomy you want to choose terms from and add new terms to
  4. Click Get Data and ensure the following settings are present under Column Mapping:
    1. Labels: Name
    2. Values: ID
  5. Click Save & Close.

Next we need to configure the Post Management action so that the select field is mapped to the taxonomy you chose in step 3 above. You should add a Post Management action if you don’t already have one.

  1. Click the Actions icon at the top of the page. The Actions sidebar will open.
  2. Edit your Post Management action.
  3. Under Term Mapping choose your select field in the left column and the taxonomy you chose in step 3 above in the right column.
  4. Click Save & Close.

You form will now add a term if the term chosen does not already exist.