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Create an Email Notification

WS Form includes a Send Email action in most form templates that sends an email notification to the blog admin email address to inform them that a submission has occurred.

You can add any number of additional Send Email actions to your form. This tutorial shows you the best settings to use if you want to send an email notification / acknowledgement to the person completing the form.

In this tutorial, we’ll use a simple Contact Us form template, but you could use any form you wish.

WS Form - Contact Us Form

To create the acknowledgement email, first click on the Actions icon at the top of the layout editor.

WS Form - Actions Icon

Next, to add a new action, we click on the add + icon.

WS Form - Add Action

We can then immediately name the action. Lets call it Send Email to User.

Now we choose the type of action from the dropdown. We’re going to choose the Send Email action.

WS Form - Choose Action Type

Once the type is chosen, the settings for that action type are shown.

For an email sent to the person completing the form, we recommend using the following settings:

From Email Address: #blog_admin_email

From Display Name: #blog_name

To Email Address: #field(3)

To Display Name: #field(1) #field(2)

You would change the IDs in the #field variables above to match the IDs of your email, first and last name fields. You are welcome to change these to anything you wish.

WS Form - Action Settings

Using these settings we are telling WS Form to send the email from the blog, to the user details that were completed on the form.

Make any necessary changes you would like to the email content or other settings and then click Save & Close.

Add as many additional email notifications / acknowledgements as you wish, there are no limits on the number of actions you can run.