Form Abandonment – Saving Partial Form SubmissionsPRO

Sometimes visitors to your website may abandon a form part way through, leaving a partial entry. WS Form provides complete flexibility over how and when to save partially completed forms so that you can capture key fields without the need for a fully submitted the form. This is achieved by using Conditional Logic.

Conditional logic allows you to create smart forms. WS Form has an extensive library of conditions that can be used to detect behavior on your form that can then trigger other actions such as saving progress.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re going to create some simple conditional logic that will do the following:

  • Check if an email field has been changed.
  • If true, save the form.

Creating this logic is easy!

  1. Create a simple form that contains at last one email field. As a tip, keep the email field early in your form so that there is more chance of it being completed.WS Form - Form Abandonment - Create Form
  2. Click the Conditional Logic  icon at the top of the layout editor. The Conditional Logic sidebar will open.
  3. Click the Add icon.WS Form - Form Abandonment - Conditional Logic - Add Row
  4. Name your condition Form Abandonment.
  5. Complete the conditional logic as follows:
    1. IF [Your Email Field] On change
    2. THEN Form SaveWS Form - Form Abandonment - Conditional Logic
  6. Click Save & Close.
  7. Click Preview to try the form.

You will now notice that when you change the email field, a submission will be saved. The form save action acts in exactly the same way as the Save field which can be used to create a save and continue feature on your form.

Saved forms appear in your Submissions page with a status of In Progress.

WS Form - Form Abandonment - In Progress Submission

If you have the WS Form Debug Console open you’ll see the conditional logic in action.

WS Form - Form Abandonment - Debug Console

The other advantage of using this method, is that if a visitor returns back to the page their partially completed form will be pre-populated for them.

Use this same method to trigger a form save on any other event you wish, e.g. if a tab is clicked or if phone field is changed.