Form Won’t Update on Front-End

If your form isn’t reflecting updates made in the layout editor on the front-end, consider the following possibilities:

Publish Your Form

WS Form allows you to make edits to your form without impacting the front-end of your site. Changes are not pushed to the front-end until the Publish button is clicked. Therefore if you are not seeing changes on the front-end of your site it is possible you have not published your form.

Click the Publish button to publish your form.

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Page Caching

Page caching may cause the illusion of a form failing to update on the front-end. This caching can manifest across various layers, such as:

Following modifications to your site’s content, including forms, it’s imperative to clear any related caches. Depending on your hosting provider, you might need to seek guidance on clearing the caching mechanisms implemented for your website.

Hidden Content

Ensure any new content you have added has not been hidden. Check the Hidden setting in the Basic tab of fields. Also ensure you have not hidden content using Conditional Logic.

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