How To Run Condition Logic on Form RenderPRO

In WS Form, conditional logic is used to provide interactivity to a form. WS Form goes beyond conventional conditional logic by allowing advanced functionality such as adding field classes, setting dynamic values and resetting an entire form.

Conditional logic actions run when the outcome of an IF condition is true (THEN) or false (ELSE). The IF condition can be triggered by events on the form such as if a field changes, but it can also be triggered by form level events such as when the form is rendered.

To run any conditional actions when a form is rendered, you can use the Form > Rendered combination in the IF condition as shown in the screenshot below.

WS Form PRO - Conditional Logic - Run on Form Rendered

As an example, here is how to reset the form session ID and reset the form when the form is rendered:

WS Form PRO - Conditional Logic - Clear Session ID and Reset on Form Rendered