How to Set a ‘Reply To’ When Sending Emails

When sending an email, the ‘Reply To’ (reply-to) setting allows you to specify the email address to which recipients will reply. By default, email replies are sent back to the ‘From’ email address. However, if a different email address is specified in the ‘Reply To’ setting, recipients will send their replies to that address instead. This can be useful in situations where the sender wants responses to go to a different person or team, or to a different email account altogether. It can also be useful if you are sending emails via an SMTP plugin that requires a specific, authorized email address to be used as the ‘From’ and you want replies to be sent elsewhere.

To set the ‘Reply To’ setting for a Send Email action:

  1. Click on the ‘Actions’ icon at the top of the layout editor.WS Form - Actions Icon
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon to the right of a ‘Send Email’ action. WS Form PRO - Send Email Action -- Settings Icon
  3. Enter your reply to email address in the ‘Reply To’ setting.WS Form PRO - Send Email Action -- Reply To Setting
  4. Click ‘Save & Close’