Import / Export

WS Form allows you to import and export forms for backing up or transferring forms between websites. You can also export data such as select options, checkboxes and radios as well as importing CSV files into data grids which is useful for entering large volumes of data.

Form Export

To export your form, click the export icon at the top of the layout editor. This will download a JSON file to your computer that you can later use to import the form.

You can use this feature to create backups of your form as well as transferring forms between different websites.

Form Import

To import a form, either click the import icon at the top of the layout editor and select a JSON file, or you can simply drag the JSON file into the form builder area. When you drag the file a blue box will appear with a dashed outline, release the file into it and the import will begin. You can also drag forms into the ‘Form’ list.

Note that when you import a file, field ID’s will change. WS Form will automatically amend any field ID’s used in settings, conditional logic and actions.

Data Grid Import / Export

To learn more about the data grid import and export features, please refer to the Data Grids knowledgebase article.