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WS Form PRO includes a powerful collection of e-commerce field types that enable you to create a variety of forms for selling products or services.

You can optionally extend your e-commerce form with payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe Elements or Authorize.Net to enable you to take payment online.

Furthermore, you can even integrate e-commerce fields with WooCommerce products to allow for price customization. Learn more.


An example e-commerce form is show below:

E-Commerce Field Types

The following e-commerce field types exist:

  • Price (Invite a web user to enter a price, or fix the price by making the field read only)
  • Price Select (The web user selects a single product from a select dropdown)
  • Price Checkbox (The web user selects one or more products using checkboxes)
  • Price Radio (The web user selects a single product using radio buttons)
  • Price Range (The web user selects a price using a range slider)
  • Quantity (Multiply the value of any of the above price fields by a quantity)
  • Price Subtotal (Show the price x quantity)
  • Cart Detail (Add cart level pricing such as the subtotal, shipping or discounts)
  • Cart Total (Show the overall cart total)

WS Form e-commerce forms are completely flexible, which means you add just a payment button, or combine it with a price field, or a price field and a quantity field—the choice is yours. There is no fixed layout, and you are free to combine any e-commerce fields you wish. WS Form works out the calculations for you.

Adding Payment Methods

You can add payment methods to your form for the following processors:

Changing Currency Settings

Currency settings for WS Form are set in Global Settings under the E-Commerce tab.

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