Our SupportPRO

Our WS Form PRO license holders receive one year of support and plugin updates from the purchase date. When a license is renewed this is extended by an additional year.

We believe in providing ongoing first class service and support and for this reason we do not offer lifetime licenses for our software.

We would like to thank you for your continued support of our product,

What Should I Include in a Support Ticket?

When submitting a support ticket, the following helps us to provide a timely and helpful response:

  • Provide a concise and short explanation of the issue you are experiencing.
  • Let us know where in your form you are experiencing the problem.
  • Provide a link to your form and/or an export of your form.
  • If the issue is related to a bug, please send us a screenshot of the Settings -> System page.
  • Please provide screenshots of anything else you think might help assist us.
  • If applicable and you are able to, please provide us with details of any error messages you are seeing.

What Does Support Cover?

For the free version of WS Form, please refer to our knowledge base.

For our paid license customers,  support covers:

  • Questions regarding the built-in features of WS Form PRO or any of our add-ons
  • Reporting and fixing bugs

For other requests, please refer to:

Please note that we will not be held to any deadline and we are not obligated to provide support for a feature which is not already part of WS Form PRO.

What Does Support Not Cover?

We are unable to provide support for:

  • Code samples (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, regular expressions or other languages). We may however point you in the direction of existing example code to assist you.
  • Unintended use.
  • Coaching or training of how to build complex applications with WS Form.
  • Questions unrelated to WS Form (e.g. why an unrelated plugin will not work).

In some cases we may ask you to refer to an experienced web developer to help you with issues unrelated to WS Form.

Support Hours

The WS Form team is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA and is on Central Time.

We provide support from 8am to 5pm CST Monday – Friday. We are closing during normal public holidays as well as some holidays in New Orleans such as Mardi Gras!

Our aim is to respond to support tickets within 1 business day.