Populate a Form With User DataPRO

This knowledge base article relates to the WS Form User Management add-on. Included with the Agency edition or buy separately for other editions.

It is possible to pre-populate a form with WordPress user data with the User Management add-on. This is useful for creating an ‘Edit Profile’ form.

To do this:

  1. Install and activate the User Management add-on.
  2. Click the form settings  icon in the top toolbar when editing a form.
  3. Click on the ‘Data’ tab.
  4. Check the ‘Populate Using Action’ setting.
  5. Select ‘User Management’ from the ‘Action To Populate From’ dropdown.
  6. Use the field mapping and meta mapping settings to determine which fields and user meta you would like to populate into which fields of your form. Click the ‘Add’  icon to add new mappings.
  7. Click ‘Save’.