Translate Forms

WS Form provides full control over the copy used in your form.

Field Elements

The key elements of each field are shown below:

WS Form - Translation - Field Elements

To edit each of these elements:

  1. Click the field settings icon.
  2. In the Basic tab edit the label, placeholder text, default value and/or help text.
  3. In the Advanced tab edit the invalid feedback text.
  4. Click Save

Accessibility Labels

The ARIA label of each field can be edited as follows:

  1. Click the field settings icon.
  2. Enter the ARIA label in the Basic tab.
  3. Click Save.

The ARIA label defaults to the label of the field.

Read more about the accessibility features in WS Form.

Multi-Lingual Websites

We recommend cloning your form and adjusting the copy for each language you wish to present the form in.