Variables Reference

WS Form variables enable you to add dynamic content to various elements of your form such as default field values and email templates.

Areas where WS Form variables can be used are normally accompanied by a field lookup icon [TO DO: Insert hamburger icon]. By clicking this icon, a list of the available variables will be shown below the corresponding field. Click on a variable will insert it into the field you are editing.

All WS Form variables start with the ‘#’ character. For example:


Some variables take additional parameters. For example:


If a variable takes more than one parameter, you separate those values with a comma. For example:


If a variable parameter contains a comma, you should encase it in double quotes. For example:

#server_date_custom("dddd, mmmm dS, yyyy, h:MM:ss TT")

WS Form Variable List

The following variables are available for use in WS Form.

Name / VariableDescription