Word and Character Counts

WS Form can add word or character counters to all types of text fields and in any format you wish.

Word and character counters are added to the help text setting of a field. The counter will then appear directly under the field on your website.

To determine how the word or character count is displayed, you simply add some WS Form variables in the help text setting of a field. To access the help text setting, click on the settings icon on a field. This will open the field settings sidebar on the right-hand side of the page. Look for the setting called ‘Help text’. It is in this field that you will enter your word or character count variables.

Word & Character Count Variables

The word and character count variables are as follows:

Name / VariableDescription


Here are some examples of how these variables can be used in the help text setting.

#character_count #character_count_label
Example output: 123 characters

#word_count #word_count_label
Example output: 12 words

#word_count #word_count_label (Maximum: #word_max #word_max_label)
Example output: 1 word (Maximum: 12 words)

You have #word_remaining #word_remaining_label remaining.
Example output: You have 5 words remaining.