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Add Row Numbers to Repeatable SectionsPRO

This tutorial demonstrates how to add row numbers to repeatable sections.



  1. Create a repeatable section by checking the Repeatable setting in a section.
  2. Add a Text Editor field to the repeatable section.
  3. Enter the following in the content of the Text Editor field: Row #calc(#section_row_number)

The #calc variable tells WS Form to keep the #section_row_number variable up to date each time the repeatable section row count changes.

Other Section Variables

In addition to #section_row_number, the following section related variables can be used.

Name / VariableAdditional Information
Section Label
Returns the section label by ID.
Section Row Count
This variable returns the total number of rows in a repeatable section.
Section Row Index
This variable returns the row index in a repeatable section.
Section Row Number
This variable returns the row number in a repeatable section.