Repeatable SectionsPRO

Repeatable sections enable someone to duplicate a row of fields on your form. This is useful for order forms, lists of names and any other form where adding additional rows of fields would make completing a form easier.



  • Repeatable sections are easily added. No additional plugins or coding required.
  • Full compatibility with conditional logic.
  • Full compatibility with e-commerce fields.
  • All field types are supported*.
  • A choice of buttons or icons field types for adding, removing or moving rows.
  • Default, minimum and maximum row options.
  • Option to repeat section label.
  • Repeated fields are neatly presented in emails and submissions.

Usual exceptions (such as reCaptcha) apply.

How To

To make a section repeatable:

  1. Hover your mouse over any section you have created.
  2. Click the section settings icon.
  3. Check the ‘Repeatable’ setting.
  4. Click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the sidebar.

Then add any fields you want to your section that you would like in each row that will be repeated.

You can add as many repeatable sections to a form as you wish.

You can learn more about the repeatable settings in the Sections knowledge base article.


Repeatable sections have their own set of fields that you can add to your form to allow users to add, remove and move rows.

WS Form Repeatable Section Fields

You can learn more about these fields here:

Conditional Logic

To learn more about conditional logic options for repeatable sections, read out How To knowledge base article.


To learn more about variables for repeatable sections, read out How To knowledge base article.