The HTML field is used to output raw HTML on your form. HTML is entered using the standard WordPress HTML editor.

To learn how to add, edit, clone, move, resize, offset, or delete an HTML field, please click here.w

When editing an HTML field, the field settings sidebar will appear. This contains the following tabs:

You can edit any of the settings in each of these tabs, and then click the ‘Save’ button to save your changes. If you do not want to save your changes, you can click the ‘Cancel’ button or click any other form element to close the field settings sidebar.


The basic tab contains settings that the majority of WS Form users will need to control a field. The settings are as follows:


The label is used solely for identifying the text editor field when editing your form. The label is not shown to the website visitor.

Text Editor

Enter the text you want to display into this WordPress visual editor.


The advanced tab contains additional form attribute settings that provide further control over how a field is rendered.


The breakpoint settings define the width of a field and also what the offset (how many columns from the left-hand side of the form or the previous field) of a field is for each breakpoint. For more information about the breakpoint settings and capabilities of WS Form, click here.