Preventing Form Spam

Forms created by WS Form are inherently less likely to be prone to spam. This is because they are generated on the fly in a website visitor’s browser when a page loads and are often not even seen by ‘spam bots’.

All form submissions are also protected against spam by a WordPress nonce which is a hidden field that must be validated by WS Form prior to the submission being validated. You should ensure any pages containing a form do not cache for more than 10 hours to prevent the nonce from expiring.

Furthermore you can configure various field settings such as the ‘Required’, pattern matching, min, max etc to help prevent forms being submitted with invalid information.

In addition to these features, we offer a variety of additional spam protection measures:

Human Presence, Akismet, reCAPTCHA (Version 3) and hCaptcha spam checking offer various levels of spam detection. The spam score is stored against your submissions and is represented as a colored circle. If you hover your mouse cursor over the colored circle, you can see the percentage score WS Form has given a submission in terms of spam scoring. The scoring ranges from 0% (not spam, shown in green) to 100% (blatant spam,  shown in red).

Any submissions deemed as spam are moved to your Spam folder on the submissions page.

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