The wsf_currency_default filter allows you to set the default currency used by WS Form. Note that if you are using WooCommerce this setting is ignored. This filter is only applicable prior to WS Form first initializing its options. The currency code should be ISO 3166 (alpha-3) format.


add_filter( wsf_currency_default, 'my_hook_function', 10, 1 );


  1. $currency String
    The default currency code in ISO 3166 (alpha-3) format.
    Default value: USD


// Add a callback function for the wsf_currency_default filter hook
add_filter( wsf_currency_default, 'my_hook_function', 10, 1 );

// Callback function for the wsf_currency_default filter hook
function my_hook_function( $currency ) {
	// Your code here ...

	// Return value
	return $currency;

Source File

This hook can be found in: <plugin root>/includes/class-ws-form-common.php