Extract Select, Checkbox & Radio Labels

Select, checkbox and radio fields consist of two key components:

  • Value
  • Label

The values are what are sent to the web server when a form is submitted. These values appear in email acknowledgements or are sent to third party integrations you might have with WS Form PRO.

The label is what is shown to the user completing your form to help them make a decision about which select, checkbox or radio to choose.

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to extract the label of a chosen select, checkbox or radio for use in another field. For example, you might want to show the text value of a select field elsewhere in your form instead of an ID number.

WS Form PRO has various variables that can be used to extract the chosen label from a select, checkbox or radio. Furthermore if multiple select options or checkboxes are chosen, WS Form PRO will delimit those values.

Here is a demo of those variables:


Conditional Logic

In the demo above, conditional logic is used to detect when a select, checkbox or radio is changed. When a change occurs, the value of the text fields is set to the label value of the corresponding field. An example of this conditional logic is shown below:

WS Form - Extract Select, Checkbox and Radio Text Values - Conditional Logic