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Assign a Form to a WooCommerce ProductPRO

This knowledge base article relates to the WS Form WooCommerce add-on.

WS Form PRO can be used to customized WooCommerce products.

This brief tutorial explains how to assign a form to a product.

We also recommend that you read the full documentation for the WooCommerce extension to understand all of the available configuration options.


The following plugins are required to be installed and activated on your WordPress website.

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Assigning a Form to a WooCommerce Product

To assign a new or existing form to a WooCommerce product:

  1. Create or edit a WooCommerce product
  2. Enter a regular price (You can enter 0 if you want WS Form to control the price of the product using e-commerce fields)
  3. Click on the WS Form tab in the Product data section.WS Form PRO - WooCommerce - Product Data
  4. Choose a template or click to choose an existing published form you have already created.WS Form PRO - WooCommerce - Choose Form
  5. Once the form has been created or selected, a preview of your form will be shown along with options to edit or remove the form.WS Form PRO - WooCommerce - Preview
  6. To test your product customization, click Publish (or Update for an existing product) to save your changes then click the product URL at the top of the page.

Template Considerations

Your WooCommerce product template should, at minimum, include an Add to Cart button.

Learn More

The full documentation for the WooCommerce extension can be found here.