When editing a form, the right side of the page contains sidebars. To access the sidebars, click on an icon at the top of the layout editor.

WS Form - Layout Editor - Icons

The sidebars in WS Form are:

In addition, there are side bars:

These are accessed by clicking the settings icon on a tab, section or field.

The settings, actions, and conditional logic sidebars enable you to edit and then either Save your changes or Cancel to disregard your changes. Note that if you do not click Save and you click to another sidebar, it is effectively like clicking the ‘Cancel’ button, and your changes will be disregarded.

Expand / Contract

Any of the sidebars can be expanded to the full width of the WordPress editor screen. To do this simply click the expand icon. To contract the sidebar back to the original size, click the contract button. The WordPress admin menu will always remain visible.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts when using a sidebar:

Mac: Command + S / Windows: CTRL + S

This will save your changes.

Mac: ESC / Windows: ESC

This will disregard your changes, close the sidebar, and return you to the Toolbox sidebar.