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Google DrivePRO

This knowledge base article relates to the WS Form Google Drive add-on. Included with the Freelance & Agency editions or buy separately for the personal edition.

The Google Drive add-on allows you to configure file fields to upload directly to a connected Google Drive account. You can choose which path to upload the files to and can easily access the files from the submissions page.

The add-on creates a new file handler to WS Form called Google Drive.


The Google Drive add-on is installed in the same way as installing the WS Form PRO plugin.

Once installed you will need to activate the license for the plugin. When you purchase the Google Drive add-on, you will be given a license key. If you have lost your license key(s), click here.

To activate your license key:

  1. Click WS Form in the WordPress administration menu.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Google Drive tab at the top of the page.
  4. Enter your license key.
  5. Click the Activate button.

If your license key fails to activate, please ensure you are using the correct license key and not your WS Form PRO license key.

Connecting to Google Drive

In order to use the add-on, you need to connect it to Google Drive. Connecting is easy!

  1. Click WS Form in the WordPress administration menu.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Google Drive tab at the top of the page.
  4. Click Connect and follow the onscreen prompts

WS Form PRO - Google Drive Add-On - Connect

If you do not have a Google Drive account, you can create a new account here.

How to Configure File Fields for Google Drive

To configure a file field to push its uploads to Google Drive:

  1. Click the settings icon on the file field.
    WS Form - Field Settings Icon
  2. In the basic tab change the File Handler setting to Google Drive.WS Form PRO - Google Drive Add-On - File Handler
  3. Optionally, change the upload path.

The upload path defaults to:

/WS Form/#form_id/#submit_hash/#field_id/

You can use WS Form variables in this path to make it dynamic. The default value ensures each form, submission and field on the form is given its own folder in Google Drive to minimize the chance of files being overwritten. Bear in mind that each file field can be configured with the Multiple setting to be able to upload more than one file.

Some variables you might find helpful for this path are:

Variable Description
#form_id Returns the ID of the form.
#submit_hash A unique identifier for the submission.
#field_id The ID of the file field.

Accessing Google Drive Uploads

To access the files that are uploaded to Google Drive, you can click on the file upload icons in submissions as you would any other file upload. The files are, of course, also accessible from within your Google Drive folder.

WS Form - Google Drive Add-On - Submissions